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Sarah Grace: I am from Memphis, Tennessee and I am majoring in Biology and French. I recently watched Emily run a half marathon and it was exhausting. Call me ironic, but the best kind of banana pudding is the one without bananas.

Emily: I am from Knoxville, Tennessee and Sarah Grace’s first words to me were, “Wow, I’m so glad you don’t have a country accent.” We hit it off pretty great. I am an English major and hope one day to travel the world and read many books. I love fish tacos but only with a side of guacamole.

We decided to write this blog because before coming to college, we read endless lists of “What to Bring to College” and “How to Decorate A Dorm”. After completing our first year at the University of Tennessee, and becoming wise and intellectual college girls, we thought we should impart our aged wisdom onto wide-eyed 18-year-old girls. In reality, we are getting ready to leave each other for summer break and just want to find a way to survive without one another.

PS: We have no clue what we’re doing.


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