The Lesson of Burned Salmon

Do you smell that? Is it smoking in here? A quick glance around the room proves, yes indeed the room is filled with smoke.  How did it spread out so quickly without our realization? A moment of panic and then quick thinking.  Fling the windows open (But bugs!) Forget the bugs for this moment, the fear of a fire alarm and sprinklers is too great. Flip the oven vent on (who knew that existed?) run to the door and begin to furiously open and close it.  This makes sense in my head, let the smoke escape the room and spread out into the whole building.  A second of silence listening for the now inevitable fire alarm.  Nothing.  IT’S BURNING! Oh yes, the fish.  The outside of the once originally red salmon now has a… dark black crusty outside, but somehow defying the laws of physics, the inside is still pink.  We can’t turn back now.  Look on the bright side,  instead of pan-seared we will call it blackened.  It’s all about perspective.  Did you use oil? Some… Pour or spray? Spray.  Ah… the mystery has been solved, but a lesson has also been learned hopefully one that is remembered the next time around… if there is a next time.  Somehow burned food is not repulsive when you have purchased and cooked it. Sweat rolling down our faces and trying to maintain a conversation over the roar of the oven vent we discuss the taste and texture of this fish.  We conclude that no, fish is not easy to cook, but yes, we will do better next time.  Our one sense of accomplishment out of this failed endeavor is that we, sneaky and ingenious girls that we are, fooled that evil fire alarm from tattling on us and drawing crowds to our room, pointing and laughing, YOU BURNED THE SALMON?  The memory of our mistake and imperfection lasts for days through the slight tinge of smoky fish that greets you as you walk off the elevator and completely envelops you when you open the door.  Ah, it is nice to be home.IMG_0728


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