Our Picks: Closet Essentials

In a dorm room, space is limited especially with your closet. Depending on how close you live to campus and how often you go home, you need to be able to pick and choose your clothes according to necessity. We have compiled a list of clothing essentials that we could not have lived without and others that just took up precious closet space.



  1. Long down jacket (similar): The one in the pictures below is from Eddie Bauer and was a great length. While you may be initially resistant to invest in a large coat that slightly resembles marshmallows in a garbage bag, when you have to walk to your 8 am in 10 degree weather, you won’t care what you look like.
  2. Rain boots:
    • SG wore these which are popular in England.
    • Emily enjoyed her Hunter boots along with every other college girl.
  3. Sunglasses: In Knoxville, you typically walk everywhere and on those sunny days it is nice to not have to squint on your way to class.
  4. T-shirt dresses: These are cheap, comfy, and easy to throw on when you’re running late for class, but cute enough to make it look like you have your stuff together.
  5. Yoga pants.  These will greet you like an old friend when you’re ready to strip your jeans off but it’s still a little too early for pajamas.
  6. Cardigans & Chambray: Cardigans help maintain the balance between burning up when walking to class and freezing in air conditioned classrooms.  Always have one handy.

IMG_0957  IMG_0959


  1. High heels: Maybe bring one pair, but you learn quickly that heels are not practical on a walking campus (especially one with hills).
  2. Special occasion dresses: Unless you are planning on rushing, you do not need any extremely formal dresses. Dressing up in college for most people is exchanging yoga pants for jeans. However, do bring 1 or 2 dresses that can work for date nights, class speeches, and nights out on the town with your roommate!
  3. Clothes you didn’t wear at home: Chances are, if that top still has the tag on it in your closet at home, you probably aren’t going to wear it at college either.  We suggest cleaning out your closet before coming to school to see what clothes you actually wear and still fit.
  4. Shirts with other college logos: That shirt that you got when you toured Harvard just lets everyone know you didn’t get into an Ivy League.

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