The Rice Cooker

When it comes to college dining, most campuses are not too concerned with healthy eating. Emily and I realized early on that the food we ate in the cafeteria was not filling us up which led us to snack more often in our room at night. The rice cooker is the most versatile appliance and it allows you to not only cook rice to perfection, but also it has slow cook functions like a crock pot. We tried out many recipes besides rice in our rice cooker and really enjoyed being able to make healthier (or not) dinner options if we wanted.

Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Cake
SG being proud of the cake she made.
Winter Lentil Veggie Soup
sliced sweet potatoes
A very low quality picture of us waiting on our rice cooker risotto to be finished.

sweet potatoes – slice sweet potatoes in half, place on steam tray and put on steam setting for about 20-25 minutes

 boiled eggs – put raw eggs on steam tray and “steam” for about 20 minutes

chocolate molten lava cake – if you are planning on making this cake, make sure you have plenty of people to help you because it is the richest dessert we have ever had. Also, we would suggest using a slow cooker liner to avoid the mess.

pumpkin streusel cakethis crumb cake was very simple and not too rich. We made it in the fall to be festive!

risotto – this is a great dinner option as you can add whatever veggies you want! It is difficult to find an exact recipe (here is a general recipe), but we combined many variation and simply kept an eye on the risotto. We excluded the smaller items like onions, garlic, sage, and parsley.

rice – you can make any rice you want; we really liked jasmati

steamed veggies – steam in steam tray 2-7 minutes according to type of vegetable.  Can be steamed while cooking rice

soupwinter lentil soup was perfect for the winter because it is filling, healthy, and simple. It also makes a huge quantity so you can have it for lunch or dinner the next few days. To adjust this recipe for a rice cooker, simply add the ingredients that take longer to cook (tomatoes, sweet potatoes) first and then towards the end add the lentils and kale.

*Disclaimer: Nothing looks good being photographed in a rice cooker especially with florescent dorm lighting.*

In conclusion, if you like to cook and want to eat yummy food in your dorm room, invest in a rice cooker.  It is one of the few cooking appliances that is allowed in dorms, and it is easy to clean and does not take up much room.  We used this aroma rice cooker and loved how simple it was to use and the steam tray that came with it.


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