Bedding Basics


Shopping for bedding is probably one of the most exciting things to do when getting ready to move to college.  It signifies that you are moving out of your childhood bedroom and living life on your own.  You get to wonder about your new roommate and all the exciting new changes that will happen all in the confines of a single space.  It can feel like your bedding sets the tone for your first semester of college.  Here is our advice for picking out your bedding.

1.  Do not spend a lot of money

Your bed in college is not just a place to sleep at night.  You will lay on your bed to do homework, eat snacks, watch Netflix, talk with friends, and lay on after a long day at school. Your bedding will get dirty and worn out by the end of the year.  While you may love that $100 duvet from Urban Outfitters, you’ll regret investing your money in something that you only were able to use for one year.  I found my Kate Spade duvet cover for around $20 at TJ Maxx ( I highly recommend looking for bedding here) and Sarah Grace got her comforter on sale at Target.

2. Pick something vibrant and colorful

Both Sarah Grace and I wanted neutral colored bedspreads to reflect our simpler tastes, but farmhouse decorating does not really turn out well in a dorm room. We both ended up getting colorful, patterned bedding to brighten up the gray walls.

3. Don’t get a ton of throw pillows.

I love the idea of mismatched pillows to create eclectic bedding, but these just end up getting in the way of a twin sized bed.  There’s no space on your bed to place them when you go to sleep and they can be uncomfortable when leaning on them doing homework.

4.  Choose something that is easy to make.

SG and I both made our beds everyday so that we could come to a clean room everyday and not be stressed out about a mess in our study space.  You will want a bedspread that can be made in a few seconds before you head out the door.  I (Emily) prefer a duvet while Sarah Grace prefers a comforter.

5. Remind yourself that it’s just bedding.

You are not purchasing a wedding dress and in the end, bedding exists mainly to keep you warm at night. Bedding will not define your college experience or personal style.

6. Make it your own!

*Some websites with unique bedding at a decent price.


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