Our Picks: Dorm Decor


Target, Home Depot, and Pinterest all bombard the typical college student with lists of “What to Buy for A Dorm”. After completing our freshman year, Emily and I found we didn’t actually need those “college essentials” that are created solely for dorm life. Instead, we think it is important to find practical, but stylish pieces you like that you won’t want to throw out at the end of the year. While buying new things for the dorm is exciting and fun, especially when you are finally decorating, I think our best advice would be to wait. Do not buy anything you don’t absolutely need until you are actually living in the dorm because you will end up with impractical things you do not need. Here are a few of our favorite accent items that made our room feel homey but still practical and cost efficient.

Our Favorites:

  1. Copper Wire Twinkle Lights
  2. Rifle Paper Company prints are perfect for wall décor

SG’s Picks

  1. Fabric covered lamp shade from Etsy
  2. Display shelf for pictures or jewelry
  3. Emily and I always had little plants on our window sill and this planter is perfect for succulents.

Em’s Picks

  1. Organizing Trays from Target and a How To on decluttering your drawers.
  2. Patterned sheets to add a little fun to your bedding.
  3. Twine and Clothespins for hanging photos and memorabilia.

One thought on “Our Picks: Dorm Decor

  1. You both did a great of decorating while keeping the costs down! You’re better off saving the money for other things! 🙂


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